Nashville Trip

This certainly has been one amazing visit to Nashville! I've been here for over three weeks now. The main reason I came here this time was to start recording songs for my next CD which I did this past week. I absolutely love working with Kenny Royster of Direct Image Studio. Not only is he great at the board but he also is a fantastic vocal coach.

We started tracking Monday morning with top session players David Francis, Dennis Michael Wage, Dennis Holt, John D. Willis, Pat Buchanan, and Jim Hoke. These guys really nailed the sound I was looking for, and adding Jim's harmonica to the mix really brought the tracks to a new level.

As a songwriter I can tell you that there is little that compares to hearing your songs come to life in the hands of the masters! The guys laid tracks on four songs.  

I'll talk more about them in my next blog. till then...Calm Seas my friends!!!

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